Recovering Winnings Since 1997

Every year, thousands of Canadians return from casinos in Las Vegas and throughout the United States with jackpot wins from slots, keno, video poker, horse and dog racing, poker tournaments, and other games. What they don’t return with, however, is 30% of their winnings.

Since 1997,  U.S. Taxback Income Tax Services has worked with thousands of Canadian gamblers from across the country to process millions of dollars in refunds. With a proven “two-step process,” Taxback keeps your winning streak alive. We don’t get paid unless you get paid!

What happened to my jackpot?

Joe is in Las Vegas from Edmonton. After hours of plugging away at a slot machine on the strip, he’s finally done it: Joe has hit the jackpot! He’s set to walk away with a cool $12,000. After cashing out, Joe finds himself with just $8,400 of the $12,000 he thought he’d won. This is because Joe is Canadian, and as a non-residents in the U.S., his gambling, lottery, and even game show winnings are subject to a 30% withholding tax by the IRS.

But, there’s hope hidden away in the fine-print. Under Article XXII of the Canada-US Tax Treaty Canadians have a right to get that tax back from Uncle Sam! The accounting professionals at Taxback know how to navigate the IRS bureaucracy to get back the taxes withheld.

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Why Choose Taxback?

Millions in Returns

We've been doing this since 1997. Taxback has processed returns with the IRS for thousands of gamblers across Canada, putting millions of dollars in casino winnings back in the pockets of their Canadian winners.

A Simple Two-Step Process

1. Get in touch with Taxback for a quick no-obligation consultation. 2. We'll send you an easy-to-complete package. All you have to do from there is wait for a check, while we monitor the status of your return.

100% Canadian

Toronto-based Taxback is proudly owned and operated exclusively in Canada. Composez le 647-406-4689 pour le service en français. We've helped winners from Inuvik to Halifax.